The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Better Relationships!

Improve Your Relationships (Romantic/Friends/Family/Workplace) | taught by Swati Khanolkar, M.A Psychology

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1. Anyone interested in getting into or already in a relationship.

2. If you want to improve your relationship, whether it is romantic,non-romantic or even at your workplace.

3. If you seem to be getting in fights with another person on a regular basis and you can't figure out why and what to do about it.

4. If your job involves working with other people and you want to learn techniques which will help you improve inter-personal skills at work.

5. If you feel easily emotionally disturbed by how other people behave with you. For Eg: If you get angry at other people for behaving in a way you find incorrect.

6. If your mind is constantly stressed out due to relationship issues and is unable to concentrate because of it

7. Psychology/Psychiatry Students who want to improve their skills/ Brush up on their skills. Learn from one of the foremost teachers of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) in the country.

8. Counselors / Life coaches who want to improve their skills.

9. Homeopaths who would like to enhance their practice using these techniques


1. Effective self-management techniques based on REBT (a form of therapy which is scientifically validated)

2. Step by Step approach to improving your self-talk, beliefs and therefore your relationships.

3. These principles can be applied to just about any aspect of your life even though the examples used are mainly about relationships.

4. You will become mentally stronger and more prepared to face adverse events which can happen in anyone's life.

5. Learn about the basic principles of a good relationship - Trust, reciprocity, and love.


1. No background in psychology required

2. Perfect for people with absolutely no previous history of visiting a psychologist\attending a course.

3. Computer/ Mobile device/Tablet with an internet connection is a must.

4. Willingness to learn and to practice regularly for best results.

More than 190 minutes of High Quality Video content by one of the most experienced Psychologists!


Ashvita (Student)

"Love the practical insights by Swati. this course is worth every penny."

Aashish  (Corporate Executive)

"Best Relationship course I've ever seen"

Shantanu (Intern)

"I didn't realise I had a pattern till I took this course. This really helped me to work on my thoughts"

More than 200, 5 star reviews!!

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Swati  Khanolkar, M.A Psychology
Swati Khanolkar, M.A Psychology
Fellow & Supervisor, Albert Ellis Institute, New York

Ms. Swati Khanolkar, a trained clinical psychologist, is an accomplished REBT practitioner. She is an Associate Fellow and Supervisor of the Albert Ellis Institute, New York. She has taught psychology at both Graduate and Post graduate levels at SNDT University, Mumbai and affiliated colleges. She has conducted training programs for various corporates and has also been invited as a guest lecturer for several organizations and colleges in Mumbai. She is the Director of 'In Vivo- The Mumbai Centre for RECBT’under which she conducts regular REBT training programs for students and professionals in psychology. She also conducts self-help group therapy and individual counselling, an initiative that has helped her clients make a remarkable positive difference in their lives.

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